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There are a variety of suitable horses and ponies available, and all our staff are trained, qualified and professional and we are fully insured for all of the services that we have on offer.

  1. We offer a wide range of private, semi private or group lessons.
  2. Stable Management Sessions are available as well as Pony Club Sessions and much more. Just check out regularly, our What’s On page for further details.
  3. Due to our superb facilities we are open for business all year round, enabling you to continue your hobby and improve and enjoy your riding.
  4. All riders must first have an assessment lesson to enable the instructor to see what level your riding is at before you will be placed in a group lesson or go on a hack.
  5. Minimum age 4.


Lead Rein Lessons: Lead Rein lessons are available from the age of 3. Pupils are taught the correct position and the basics for riding, and they are assisted by a leader helping to control the pony. Pupils remain on the lead rein until they are confidently riding in walk and trot with adequate balance and control. The instructor will decide when the pupil is ready to come off the lead rein. (Parent participation may be required).

Walk Outs: These sessions are available for children from the age of 3 and are a great taster for children to get a feel for horse riding. Instruction is given on basic tuition. Duration of ½ hour sessions. (parent participation may be required).

Group Lessons: There are a wide range of group lessons available and we will advise you on a suitable group once we have assessed your riding and discussed your individual requirements. Our group lessons cater from Lead Rein, jumping and dressage. Training towards BHS stages can also be catered for.

Private Lunge Lessons: One to one lessons on the lunge are a great way to improve balance and suppleness of the rider and gain confidence. These sessions last for ½ hour. They are also fantastic for the more experienced rider to fine tune their riding, improve suppleness & depth of seat.



We cater for all levels of riders from the complete beginner through to the more experienced, we cater for riders from 3 years old through to adults.

All our lessons are carried out by fully trained and qualiifed staff ensuring you will progress with your riding, our aims are to make your aims be achievable.

We offer a wide range of Lessons to suit everyone

Lessons take place in our large outdoor purpose built 25metre by 60 metre arena


 Saddle Club is available from 6 years upwards and is held at weekends and in the school holidays, these days are designed to encourage children to learn all about the Stable management of horses and ponies and make them more confident when around them. On our saddle club days we include  a riding lesson and hack out up the quiet lane and stable management within the stables and classroom.

The topics that we work through include grooming which involves the glittery nail varnish, plaiting the mane and tails and adding colourful ribbons and we also paint the ponies too,  tacking and un-tacking, points of the horse, learning all about the tack, tack cleaning, putting on a head collar and tying up correctly, mucking out, feeding, rugs, bandaging, colours and markings, leading, poisonous plants, field management,   plaiting, first aid, safety around the yard.

We have created a work book for each topic so the children can record their achievements.


Saddle Club days are from 9.30am to 3.00pm    All children are supervised throughout the day; toilet and wash room is available, seated covered area for lunch and breaks.

Full day : £30.00

After School Club – This is for children aged 3yrs-18yrs all abilities are welcome. The class is split into two groups and we cover horse care and management. A group lesson is included focusing on the children’s individual ability.

Session time: 1hour £10pp

Tiny Club – This class is for children aged 3yrs-5yrs, a great way of introducing little ones to horses and riding. A lead rein hack out is included.

Session time: 1hour 30mins £10pp

Take Back The Reins – This is a relaxed enjoyable adult only club where you can gain back your confidence or begin to learn how to ride. Cake and coffee is served after riding and a good natter

Session time: 1ho 30min £15pP

Hacking –  We offer an opportunity for the more experienced rider to have a hack out on the horses to experience the local country side. All riders are assesed for safety before any out- door riding, please enquire for more information.

Fell Ride –   This 3 hour experienced  ride takes place above the beautiful Lake Ullswater. We will take you to Askham in our wagon with the horses to begin your route over the  breathtaking views and terrain. This ride is for experienced riders only due to the varried terrain and pace of the ride, please enquire for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1412081846855{background-color: #ffffff !important;border-style: solid !important;}”][vc_separator][vc_single_image image=”1088″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]

A fantastic way to get more involved in horsey life and meet others with the same interests. The children all get to ride in a group lesson, and also participate in stable management training as well as getting more involved on the yard with mucking out, grooming and tack cleaning. We have an on site class room for the children to go through the theory and also a safe place for them to enjoy their lunch.

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Give the children a day to remember with one of  our excellent Activity Days.

Children will spend from 9.30am to 3.00pm supervised on the yard while they complete a whole array of activities including  grooming and horse care along with riding on our horses or ponies and the chance to learn basic horsemanship, whilst amongst friends.

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This 3 hour experienced  ride takes place above the beautiful Lake Ullswater. We will take you to Askham in our wagon with the horses to begin your route over the  breathtaking views and terrain. This ride is for experienced riders only due to the varried terrain and pace of the ride, please enquire for more information.

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Private and group lessons available please do enquire for prices

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from 3 years upwards